a meetup for textile and technology

Our next meeting is:
Thursday 16th July from 5pm - 6:30pm UK time
Talks by e-body Lab: Dr. Becky Stewart, Pilar Zhang Qiu, Mei Zhang, An Liang and Sophie Skach
Online meet-up via Jitsi: https://meet.jit.si/e-stitchesonline
More information on the e-stitches Facebook page

GreenLab (currently only online)
Corner of Keeton’s Road and Collett Road, Bermondsey,
London SE1 6SB
public transport

The meet up is free of charge whilst online


E-Stitches is a community of specialists in the space of e-textiles and wearables in London. Through meet ups and workshops we create a space for learning, discussions, skill share and networking.


We are now over 160 members from a wide variety of fields and experience, each bringing their own unique view on e-textiles. We are artists, designers, researchers, technologists, curators, choreographers, journalists, entrepreneurs and industry thought leaders. Our community creates innovative and experimental applications for art, design, research and commerce.


We meet more or less bi-monthly at the Creative Technology Lab at the LCC Elephant and Castle in London. Drop us a line if you're working on a project that you'd like to discuss with our community or if you're interested in joining our meetup group. We'd love to meet you!

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